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Clara’s Day Outs


My kid and i watched Smurf Movie while Bong watched Cowboys vs. Aliens instead . And even though we have not watched the chipmunks yet, these cute statue really caught our eye for a shot 😉 while we wait for papa on his last full show 😉 at the megamall cinema. And after watching some movies we go straight to eastwood for some drinks to unwind and seeing these pretty coloured beers took my attention and cannot refuse my curiosity not to taste it, i tasted peach good enough than of the raspberry one that tasted like a multivitamins that i used to drink when i was a kid specifically “incremin” and in short taste like a cough syrup yaikes .

And to have a nice long night we transfer from cheesecake to The Distillery  and i love the taste of their Mojito cocktail drink its like a lemonade with a kick ..

While bong enjoys his Corona after those mugs of redhorse 😉 Taste like pineapples..

We went home safely and as usual i’m the driver LOLZ..

NOTE: And besides of the sweet sour taste of Mojito there’s no hang over 😉

Gloria Gloria Gloria

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