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Midnight Sneek

Midnight Sneek

With my favorite universal sliced bread & King sue sweet ham, mayonaise, lettuce, bacon and sandwich cheeze and a few pepper and salt yummY!


Due to boredom fun is much easier to find thru food :)

Due to boredom fun is much easier to find thru food 🙂

Combination of fruits and cream and chocos

Combination of fruits and cream and chocos

Having a fun shapes to our pancakes with cream and cherries but forgot the chocolate syrup hayst and a sip of hot choco delights.. O di ba pede nang pang pancake house ;b

Year Ender Menus we had :)

  Bong requested for me to cook my home made carbonara 😉

I make some of this Pineapple Pomelo  Punch 😉

Bong’s buttered garlic shrimp 😉

Bong’s Special Beef anf Mushroom and he also cooked his special Caldereta but forgot to take some pictures because we’re too busy Eating it i guess LOLZ ;b

– Mouth watering Bagnet – Cafe Juanita

This was our recent favorite dish and it is more delicous with a very cozy and classy ambiance that everyone would be impressed.. Read more…

N U V A L i Thrills

A place where no walls but nature bits of pleasures makes our day with our love Ones 🙂 Read more…

Shrimp in Buttered Garlic

My Favorite Meal this christmas

Since i tasted a good tasting kaldereta from a carinderia i cannot forget it and this christmas my husband gave me the best meal ever.. He cooked a special caldereta for me and it was finger licking Good!! He loves to cook a lot but the best part of it is he doesn’t even know how to cook it before and gave the effort of researching and learning it from sites and suprisingly it came out soooo delicious..  I even forgot my fruitcakes on this one hahhaha.. Thanks a lot bong..