A place where no walls but nature bits of pleasures makes our day with our love Ones 🙂

Picnik area, unfortunately we don’t have any food or stuff  for picnik agenda. Next time will do .

A few walk for a great heart after a good food delights from David’s Tea House cuisine 🙂

Kois all the way while you have their food to feed they give the joys of this kids and adults as well 🙂

No word can describe a smile of a child 🙂

Live funnfilled Colours

Waitin’  and feeling the breeze of fresh air 🙂

Love boat # 2 batch 5

Do i need to ask why ;b

Grand mom and son

Nuvali Tourist

As usual 

BigBoss Bong


A Stork? Tagak? Or ????


Night flight


After a day at NUVALI i just wanna share this to you, its a place of relaxation just a few walks and a few rides to have but a lot of good space to offer for a quiet time to those living in a very busy and pressured environment we have in the cities.. We enjoyed it a lot, for the reason seeing greens once again in a few miles from our place is a good thing and a quality time is more than enough in a childs heart and the adults too needs a break from troubles sometime 🙂 . Its easy to go to NUVALi, if you know how to go to tagaytay through sta. rosa, and been to EK and Paseo it’s a few miles from there after the Paseo’s stoplight NuVAli would be the next one to see (You can literally see its “NUVALI” name along the highway) .

NuVali got a wide space of  :

  1. Grassfields for picniks
  2.  Foodstrips
  3. Tiangge
  4. Fishfeeding(P 15 pesos per pack of pelletes)  – 8:30-4:30 pm only
  5. Boatrides (P 30 pesos/head) – Untill 5 pm only (The water at the man-made lake after the bridge is still under renovation but still operational on the half side)
  6. Bike rides (P60 pesos/hour) – Untill 5 pm only | WEARING A SHOE IS A MUST !
  7.  And a FREE parking space with a wide range of guards for the areas security and cleanliness (a THUMBS UP)
I hope this helps and we will comeback for more 🙂